Barbicide Sapphire Award

Sapphire Award

Program Overview:

The Barbicide Sapphire Award program was launched in 2016 as a way to honor the top schools in the professional beauty industry. This program was put into place to recognize a select few cosmetology schools who have displayed exemplary attention to infection control standards and related educational programs.


Several criteria are taken into account when selecting winners for this award.

  • The number of students certified: This is based on the number and percentage of students according to size.
  • School size/Type: There are several categories into which we have separated schools. This allows all schools to be on a more even playing field, since some schools are much larger than others.
  • Certification Type: There are several ways to become Barbicide Certified, so we take into account which schools are truly dedicated to the program, and teaching about proper infection control.
  • School Program Participation Length: Long-time members of the school program were more likely to be selected for the award, since they have proven their dedication over a longer period.
  • General Application: As we have built relationships with instructors and schools we have seen some who have shown particular dedication to educating future professionals.

Sapphire Award Winners

Award Winners will receive the following benefits.

  • An optional onsite training taught by Leslie Roste, RN, BSN, the creator of the Barbicide Certification Program and industry’s leading infection control expert.
  • An award presented to the school to display as recognition to the exemplary attention to infection control education.
  • Posts and publicity through BlueCo Brand’s channels, and assistance to work with local, trade and national media in gaining recognition for each school receiving this award.