Barbicide Viewpoints


Barbicide Sapphire Award Winners Announced

2016 Barbicide Sapphire Award winners announced! See results here!

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Joshua Luhmann-Woodbury – MSC-Woodbury

Joshua Luhmann-Woodbury is the School Manager at MSC Woodbury. He is dedicated to teaching future professionals about proper infection control. See why he uses the Barbicide Certification.

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Men’s Products in your Retail Space

Men may be some of the most loyal customers you ever have. Find out why our team suggests keeping men's products in your retail space.

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JoAnn Stevens – Educator

JoAnn Stevens uses the Barbicide Certification in her school to help her students. See why JoAnn thinks it is a great addition to her curriculum.

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How to talk about infection control

Infection control can be a tricky subject. Here are some tips for talking about it from our team to yours.

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Ways to make your social media work for you

Social media can be a vital part of your marketing plan. Make sure your social media is working for you!

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Barbicide and its Proper Use:

Our team put together a guide for the proper use of Barbicide. Help us answer your questions here!

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Ivan Zoot – The Clipper Guy

Check out the ClipperGuy, Ivan Zoot and why he thinks Barbicide Certification is important!

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Going the Extra Mile

Learn more about beating cold and flu season! BlueCo Brands staff gives you advice on how to keep the flu away.

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Floyd’s Barbershop

Who remembers the Andy Griffith Show and Floyd the Barber? I watched many episodes when I was kid. I had the privilege of meeting Russell Hiatt, the owner of Floyd’s Barber Shop. He is 85 years young, still comes into the shop every day, greets customers with a smile, and proudly uses and displays Barbicide and Lucky Tiger Products. Meeting him in person was iconic. Thanks to Russell and Floyd’s Barbershop for the awesome experience!

-Kevin Schuele, Owner of Barbicide

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Hidden Dangers in Your Beauty Salon

Before you book your next hair, nail or waxing appointment, how safe is your salon? Get former salon owner and safety expert Nancy King's tips so your spa time is the rejuvenating experience you deserve!

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Really Bad Hair Day: Salon Disasters

Watch what happened when a girl's first dye job led to permanent scarring, and find out what you should do if your trip to the salon takes a detour into pain.

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Fran Drescher Pedicure Nightmare

Unhappily, the star of "Happily Divorced" developed a painful infection after a trip to the salon.

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