Barbicide Certification for a School or Salon

Infection control is something your whole team should participate in together! Whether you are working in a salon with veteran stylists or in barber school learning the basics you can become part of the Blue Crew. Join the Blue Crew by getting everyone on your team Barbicide Certified; it is an easy, free way to show your clients that you are concerned for their health and safety!

By participating in the Blue Crew programs you will receive the following:

Barbicide Certified portfolio ready certificate, lapel pin, window cling and pen for each person successfully completing the program.

Barbicide Certified School Program:

This school/ facility program allows you to send BlueCo Brands the names of your students as they pass the Barbicide Certification course, and we send Barbicide Certified materials for each of them. You can choose to either have your class become Barbicide Certified together in a group setting or have them take it at home as homework.

In addition, when you sign up for the Barbicide Certified School program we keep your address on file, so if our National Director of Education is in your area she may coordinate with you for onsite training.

To register, complete the form below. You will then be assigned a school number. Once you have registered you will receive a welcome kit with the following information:

  1. Welcome Letter with instructions
  2. Handout instructions for students
  3. Certificate – Identical to the one students will receive (each will be personalized)
  4. Lapel Pin – Identical to the one each student will receive
  5. Window Cling – Identical to the one each student will receive
  6. Barbicide Pen – Identical to the one each student will receive

For Salons, Spas and Barbershops:

Your team can become Barbicide Certified individually or as a group during a team meeting. Once at least 80 percent of your team has completed and passed the Barbicide Certification course send each team-member’s name and the name of the business to You will receive the following:

  1. Barbicide Certified Certificate with the business name
  2. Barbicide Certified portfolio ready certificate, personalized for each team member
  3. Barbicide Certified lapel pin
  4. Barbicide Certified window/mirror cling
  5. Barbicide Certified pen
  6. Paper-handout instructions for incoming team-members

As new members join your team and complete the Barbicide Certification you can send their names to BlueCo Brands every month.

To Register:

Please, complete this form: