Floyd’s Barbershop

BlueCo Brands CEO Kevin Schuele attends Mayberry Days Festival in Mount Airy, NC. Mayberry was the hometown of Andy Griffith, which Mayberry was modeled after in The Andy Griffith Show.



Floyd's BarbershopIconic Floyd’s Barber Shop in Mount Airy, NC. Russell Hiat and Andy GriffithRussell Hiatt cutting Andy Griffith’s hair.
Kevin and RussellKevin Schuele, BlueCo Brands CEO, meets Russell Hiatt, from Floyd’s Barber Shop. Kevin and RussellThe meeting of two iconic minds, both talking about Barbicide.
Kevin and RussellFloyd the Barber from the Andy Griffith show was patterned after Russell Hiatt pictured here. Kevin and RussellKevin loved meeting one of the most famous barbers in history.