Going the Extra Mile

Water Shake

BlueCo Brands Staff – February 05, 2016


It’s the month of love, but February still means cold and flu season is in full swing, and germs would like nothing more than to come into your salon and get cozy. Unfortunately, when this happens it can cause major problems. As long as you are using good infection control practices your clients should be safe, but taking extra precautions and go the extra mile will set your business apart. We know you are washing your hands and using your Barbicide, but let’s look a little deeper.
Stay home if you are sick:
The professional, work through anything, dedicated to your job person that you are, you may still get sick! Stay home, get some rest, and catch up on your reading or sleeping or movies. When you are sick, even if you feel like you can get through the day, you are taking your germs with you to work, the gym, the bank and the grocery store. You can do your part to keep everyone else (including your valued clients) healthy by staying home and encouraging those around you to do the same. It doesn’t matter if it’s your employees, co-workers, boss or clients tell them that it is okay to keep their germs in their space!
Encourage your clients to do the same. Waive any sort of cancelation fee if they cancel because of sickness. Although some could abuse this, avoiding the truly sick person is worth it! Make sure they know you will waive it too, so they don’t come to their appointment because they think you will charge a fee. This advice comes from King Research’s Leslie Roste, and Barbicide Certification.

Disinfect Common Spaces:
Your salon may be top in its class in infection control when it comes to your implements and stations, but what about your phone? Make sure you disinfect the common areas. From pens to buttons on the water cooler germs are everywhere. Take a quick minute or two wipe these areas down with Barbicide Wipes, that way germs do not spread. It’s a very simple solution to a big problem.

Get plenty of Fluids:
Hydration during the fall and winter may be harder than in the summer. When you are cold your body may not be getting the fluid it needs, even though you are not sweating. Whether your personal favorite is water, juice or tea, make a conscious effort to replenish frequently. Proper hydration is also a great way to boost your immune system and get some of the vitamins your body needs. That way when bugs do come along your body is ready to fight them off.
Stop Touching your Face:
It may be a hard habit to break if you are already doing it but touching your face is a good way to give those germs a welcome mat into your body. Think about all the times you brush your hair out of your face, touch a door and then your face, or so many other small tasks. If you can break this habit it will help to keep the germs away from your nose and mouth. This will help keep them out of your body.

Forgo the handshake:
This age old sign of greeting is also the easiest way to pass that winter cold around to all your co-workers and clients. These viruses thrive in the warm crevices of our hands so as your mother once said: “keep your hands to yourself!” This advice is particularly true if you are feeling run down already – a sure signal that your immune system is already struggling to keep up with the pace! If you find the occasional handshake impossible to avoid, hand washing, hand sanitizers and avoidance of touching your face (see above) will limit the risk substantially!Keep away
These are some simple ways to help stop the flu in your workplace. Being sick can cost you time and money, which are two things as a beauty industry professional you don’t want to give up. You are your greatest asset so take care of yourself! This cold and flu season beat the bugs by going the extra mile. Make sure to stock up on the items needed to properly disinfect your environment and use Barbicide! Now go bundle up, hunker down, and keep the germs out.