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Ivan Zoot, known as The Clipper Guy, works as a freelance educator and a consultant, and is a beauty industry professional to the core. Ivan believes that Barbicide Certification is important because an industry professional’s first responsibility is to the public and to their clients. Proper infection control protects clients against dangerous pathogens that lurk in salons and barbershops. Barbicide Certification teaches these vital skills. He also thinks when a professional is certified it shows the community they care about proper infection control and that they are committed to client’s well-being. It also helps reinforce the importance of these practices in their own services.

Ivan wishes to tell students that in order to be successful they should find a mentor. He says, “Find people who have what you wish to possess, know what you hope to learn, are where you hope to be, and do what you hope to master.” He says as you do this, you will become important to them and be more successful.

Ivan is a clipper cutting legend. Follow him on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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