JoAnn Stevens – Educator


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BlueCo Brands Staff – April 28, 2016

JoAnn Stevens is an educator at the Aveda institute in Denver. She started using the Barbicide Certification program in her school in February of 2015 and feels it is a great program to teach about proper infection control. She feels that it is a very important part of learning proper disinfection practices and safety. Both of which are vital when working in the beauty industry.

Joann thinks that Barbicide Certification helps students get ready for their future career. She said, “Our students, after receiving the Barbicide Certification workshop, took disinfection practices more seriously.” She also noted that as students learn about the risk of blood borne pathogens, skin diseases, and skin disorders their eyes are opened to the risk of improper disinfection. Students learn how important infection control is through receiving the course. She also says about her students after becoming Barbicide Certified, “They care about the health of their guests and themselves far greater now.”

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JoAnn has spent over 30 years in Colorado and has enjoyed living in many locations. She was married in October of 2013 to Chris Stevens and hopes to add children to their family which now includes two dogs, Teddy and Kiya.