Joshua Luhmann-Woodbury – MSC-Woodbury


Joshua Luhmann-Woodbury has used both on-site Barbicide Certification and the online training. He feels that using the program has opened his student’s and staff’s eyes to the importance of sanitation and disinfection. This certification has helped his students grasp the concept early and prepare for their career in a salon.

Joshua feels that getting students Barbicide Certified puts them ahead of the game as they enter the workforce, because disinfection needs to be a top priority in the industry. As a past hiring manager he said that candidates with this knowledge would have been at the top of the list.

Joshua thinks that the most effective way to teach about infection control is to have fun doing it and let students know how serious it is. He feels the most important thing the Barbicide Certification teaches his students are the reasons infection control is important in the salon and in their lives. He says, “They can better themselves as well as everyone around them with the knowledge that they retain from this course.”

Joshua lives in Minnesota with his husband, Brian, along with their cat and Siberian Husky. He enjoys shopping, gardening, refinishing furniture, sewing and working on projects he finds on Pinterest.