Ways to make your social media work for you

Social media has become one of the best ways to reach your clientele. You can let them know about openings, events and changes in hours. It is a great way to get information to a lot of people quickly. Social media can be more than that though. Make sure your social media is really working for you. Here are a few tips and tricks that can take you to the next level.
1- Listen to your audience
Social media is a revolutionary tool. Gone are the days when you put an advertisement in the newspaper and that is all you get. Social media has created a dialogue with customers that can be hugely beneficial if you listen. Your customers expect you to hear them if they are following you. Listen to what they are saying and respond, as you do they feel valued and will become an advocate for you.

2- Be you and have a voice
Each salon, spa or barbershop is different, and so is their voice. Some are somber and others are edgy, that is what draws your customers to you. Don’t be afraid to find your voice and stick to it. This will draw your customers to you and allow them to feel like they know you better. When you show pictures of your stylists and workplace it also allows your customers to feel more connected like they know you personally.

3- Hold contests
People love to join contests and a little over a third of social media users participate in contests of one type or another. When you follow up on a giveaway it shows the benefit of joining. Not only can you build a relationship with people, but it gives them a reason to be excited about talking about you. Contests also create a reason for additional people to like and share your message, and they will see your other posts.
4- Share content
The more you share content you like, whether it is hair styles, funny memes or lifestyle articles the more it gives a chance for people to see the personality of your business. As people see that personality they feel like they know you a little better, and you become relatable. This is also a great way to help your business get involved in causes around your community.
5- Use your experience
If you like to see something on social media it is likely that others do too, the same goes for something you do not like. Feel validated on what you do and try things out. Creating engagement is all about being real and you do that by using your real world experience.
As social media becomes a staple in your business remember these things to really make it work for your and you. Use these ways to engage with your clients.