BARBICIDE® Certification

BARBICIDE® Certification

The original! Since 2012, the BARBICIDE® Certification has certified thousands of beauty industry professionals in infection control consistent with the current highest industry standards.

This program is designed for anyone in the Professional Beauty Industry who believes that infection control is one of the most important concepts in the salon, spa or barbershop.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define the terms associated with Infection Control
  • List the steps to complete proper disinfection
  • Differentiate between single-use and multi-use items
  • Define the term “contact time”
  • State the correct concentration for BARBICIDE®
  • List 4 reasons why the practice of infection control is important
  • Identify common infection control rules

By completing this course and becoming BARBICIDE® Certified you will demonstrate to your co-workers and, more importantly, your customers that delivering a safe service is important to you.