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New Lucky Tiger Countertop Display

Let your customer’s know “classic style is served here!”

New Lucky Tiger Countertop Display
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Barbicide® Certification

37,000 Professionals are Barbicide Certified! Join the Blue Crew by getting certified today!

Barbicide® Certification
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Barbicide® Kit

A Barbicide tub and Barbicide pint are all you need to begin disinfecting your salon, barbershop or spa today!

Barbicide® Kit
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Welcome to Barbicide®

Barbicide is perhaps the most iconic of all images in the professional beauty industry…
it signifies a safe, clean environment for everything from a haircut to a pedicure.

All Barbicide products are EPA Registered Hospital Grade disinfectants, designed to meet the needs of state boards and assure consumers that sanitation and disinfection are important part of your business.

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