BARBICIDE® Concentrate is a registered product on the EPA’s N List and all products on this list meet EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

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EPA Efficacy Approval

Human Coronavirus Efficacy Lab Report

Can I disinfect my hands?

No. Your body is porous and therefore cannot be disinfected. Hand washing is the mechanical process that removes pathogens from the hands, not necessarily killing them.

What About Hand Sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer does work, but it is not as good for infection control as hand washing. If your state allows for hand sanitizer, it is only for in between clients. You still must wash your hands after using the restroom, eating or smoking.

Should I use bleach?

When bleach is used, it must be done with caution. Always read the label to ensure that it is the type of bleach that disinfects. The vast majority of bleaches are not designed for disinfection. Bleach is also highly corrosive so using it with expensive implements is ill-advised. Very few states allow for bleach in the salon.

Should I wear a mask?

Please check with your local or state government to see if mask wearing is mandated where you are located.

With all the new illnesses out there, I am afraid…

Take that fear and give it power! Use your energy to ensure that you are performing proper infection control and doing everything you can to keep yourself healthy; a healthy person doesn’t pass anything on. Getting plenty of sleep, drinking enough fluids, eating a healthy diet and stopping smoking helps your body to be in the healthy state you need most when illnesses are around.