How to talk about infection control


BlueCo Brands Staff – April 20. 2016

Your customers sit in your chair and you become not just their stylist but their therapist, their friend and their adviser. Sometimes it is tough to talk about something like infection control, but when you do your customers realize just how much you care for their health. There are stories on the news about infections from salons, nasty fungus and pain that comes from businesses that aren’t disinfecting correctly. Your clients are probably curious, but a little too nervous to ask. Put their minds at ease by talking about your infection control process.  Here are some ice breakers to help you talk about the tough subject of infection control.

certification materials

  • Become Barbicide Certified.

Becoming Barbicide Certified is a free and quick way to learn about proper infection control. This class can help you feel more comfortable that you have the right answers about why infection control is so important. Once you become certified you also have the opportunity to receive a portfolio ready certificate, Barbicide Certified window cling and a Barbicide certified lapel pin, when you purchase a discounted Barbicide Kit. These items can be conversation starters when your clients ask, “What does Barbicide Certified mean?”


  • Display your Barbicide Jar or Tub.

When you put a comb in Barbicide your client may wonder why. Explain it to them why you are doing it. They will also recognize the iconic jar and blue liquid and realize this is a tried and tested method. If the Barbicide Jars are not allowed in your state (check your state’s rules) use a Barbicide Tub. It still has the same effect by allowing the conversation to flow.

  • Talk your customer through what you do.

Just like you would say, “I’m going layer a little downward so your ends don’t look too thin.” You can talk them through infection control. Let them know, “I just took this comb out of my clean combs container and I’ll put it in the covered dirty container when I am done.” This will help them feel at ease and allow them to ask questions. They want to understand the process just like their service.

While it may seem difficult to talk about proper infection control at first it is a small conversation that will help your customers understand how much you care for their health and safety. It only takes a few minutes, but will help them realize you are a higher tier of professional. Your clients can relax in their seat knowing they are in great hands, and you can go back to being who only you can: their stylist.