REPAIR, RESTORE & REUSE with the Salon Chair Guys! Are you in need of salon or barber equipment repair?

The Salon Chair Guys mission is to educate beauty industry professionals on the Salon and Barber equipment they own or purchase, assist in repair, maintenance, and/or replacement with quality furniture. With the ultimate goal of reducing the amount of Salon and Barber furniture being prematurely discarded, ending up in landfills and contributing to our industries environmental impact.




The Salon Chair Guys, first started in 1997, currently service, restore, and repair Salon and Barber Equipment in the Southern California area. We also sell our industry’s first Biodegradable Salon Furniture Cleaning products designed specifically for Salon & Barber Equipment. Our company’s aim is to not only repair but to educate our industry on proper salon furniture maintenance and help bridge the knowledge gap between equipment and professionals.


Daniel Johnson is the owner along with his business partner Brian Moses. The Salon Chair Guys have been in business since 2016 and originally began in 1997 by Daniel’s father Danny Larry as Affordable Beauty Salon Equipment Repair. As a hair kid growing up in a salon Daniel and his father repaired equipment out of necessity and learned firsthand the craft of salon equipment maintenance.

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