Q:  “What is the protocol for servicing a client that tested positive for covid-19? When can they come back into a place of business?”

L: When a client confirms that they have tested positive for Covid 19, first and foremost, be generous with your cancellation policy!  The CDC recommends that you quarantine for 10 days after your first symptom AND 24 hours fever free.  If you have tested positive, but have no symptoms, you should quarantine for 10 days from the date of your positive test.  Once that client returns to your salon, use the same health & public safety guidelines you use with all of your clients!

Q: “I have been vaccinated and do not want to wear a mask in my salon, is it ok to tell my clients I had a vaccine and am safe?”

L: First and foremost, you must follow the rules your state or local governments have in place.  While everyone wants to get “back to normal” and retire our face masks, getting cited or worse for not wearing one, is bad for your business!  Assuming you are in a state/locality where masks are not required, my suggestion would be to wear a mask when your client comes into your salon and ask them if they are ok with you removing it during the service.  Many of your unvaccinated clients may feel better if the mask stays in place and it is a small price to keep your client comfortable and eager to return!

Q: “Can I use Barbicide to disinfect my chairs?”

L: Remember that disinfection is only for hard, non-porous surfaces!  If you happen to have a chair that is made of hard material (not covered with fabric, leather or vinyl), you can disinfect using a spray or wipe.  That said, most chairs have a covering that is porous (fabric, leather or vinyl) and therefore are not disinfectable … in fact, disinfectants will ruin these materials over time.  The good news is that soft surfaces are not great transmitters and are not thought to be a big risk for spread of Covid 19.  These soft surfaces should be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s directions.  When there are no directions, start with the most simple products like soap and water!  Using a cleaner like soap and water mechanically removes debris on these surfaces without damaging the materials.

Q: “My Barbicide TB is cloudy, is there something wrong with it?”

L: Barbicide TB (formerly called Barbicide Plus), when mixed properly should be cloudy… so you are doing it right!  Also.. don’t expect it to look the iconic blue color… it looks more like cloudy water with a hint of purple.  It is important to remember that the concentration ratio for TB is different than that of Barbicide and it is important that you measure it properly!  Because of the type of chemical used in Barbicide TB, exact concentration and contact time is very important to prevent damaging your implements.  Mix it properly and never leave implements in a TB (Tuberculocidal) disinfectant for longer than the contact time.  No Tuberculocidal (including Barbicide TB) should be used in a spray bottle or jetted pedicure bowl.

Q: “What is the proper way to dispose of old Barbicide solution after your tools are disinfected ? Is it safe to put down a drain? Or is that not safe ?”

L: Used Barbicide should be poured down the drain unless otherwise specified by your local or state government. If you are unsure if additional rules apply, check with your state board for clarification.

Q: “Good evening! Can I use Barbicide in ultrasonic cleaner for manicure instruments? Will it disinfect everything and can I use it at my work as I’m a manicure specialist? Thank you”

L: As with all equipment used in the salon, it is important to check with the manufacturer of the item, in this case, your ultrasonic cleaner.  Anytime properly concentrated Barbicide is in contact with cleaned, hard, non-porous surfaces for the full contact time, it will work!  What we cannot tell you is if your specific piece of equipment can tolerate a disinfectant, instead of water, so checking with your manufacturer is important.

Q: “How do I become BARBICIDE® Certified / BARBICIDE® COVID-19 Certified? What is the Shear Haven Domestic Violence Training?”

L: All of the certifications we offer can be accessed through our website www.barbicide.com and are free of charge.  Currently we have the following certifications available:

  • Barbicide Certification : The basics of proper infection control
  • Barbicide COVID 19 Certification:  Training created specifically for the professional beauty industry
  • Shear Haven Domestic Violence Certification:  Designed by Shear Haven for the professional beauty industry, this certification helps the stylist spot potential issues and know what resources are available.

We will be adding new classes, so after you get your certifications, check back frequently or watch our social media for announcements of classes!