Welcome to 2021!  One thing most people can agree on is that 2020 was a challenging year that had us all questioning a lot of things!  In the salon, even things that seemed routine, like infection control routines, started to be questioned.  This column is designed to answer those questions as well as some of the common questions I  am regularly asked.  To submit a question, email contact@barbicide.com.

Q: Is it OK to pre-mix Barbicide in a clean container (such as a water jug) and use as needed? If so, how long can the pre-mix be kept? I have a small tool that I use and clean and disinfect after each client. It only requires a small amount of Barbicide and I would like to cut down on waste. Thanks!

L: The EPA registered label requires that Barbicide be “made fresh daily” and that is also the requirement of most states.  In this case, you have two options depending on the tool you are disinfecting.  If it is a tool that must be immersed, I would do the math to reduce the amount you make daily.  For example, instead of 2oz (1/4 cup) in 32 oz (4 cups), make 1oz (1.5 tsp) in 16 oz (2 cups) or .5 oz (1 TSP) in 8oz (1 cup).  If the tool/implement does not require immersion and your state allows for spray disinfection, mix a bottle of Barbicide and use it as a spray, adhering to the 10 minute contact time.  With spray bottles, you are not contaminating the product by immersion and there is no evaporation occurring so you may use that bottle until empty!

Q: Hello!! I have tried two bottles of Barbicide TB and when mixed with water ( 10:1) ratio they turn into a very light and opaque blue color instead of the traditional dark and translucent blue. Have you changed the formula ?

L: Barbicide TB is a phenolic disinfectant and when mixed properly it will look visibly different from Barbicide.  As you describe, it will look cloudy and have a faint blue or almost purple tint.  It is crucial if you decide to use a Tuberculocidal (TB) product that you mix it exactly as directed on the label and only allow implements to be in the liquid for the contact time (10 minutes) and no longer.  It is also not recommended to use Barbicide TB (or any phenolic disinfectant) in a spray bottle or any method that creates a mist.  I would recommend that you only use Tuberculocidal products if they are required in your state.  We will be releasing a tool this year on Barbicide.com, that will allow you to easily view these types of rules for your state, but in the meantime, make sure to read and follow the rules of your state!

Q: Finally, I get the question every day … would I take the COVID vaccine if it were available to me today?  The answer is an emphatic “YES”!  I often speak to people who are wary of vaccines in general and share with them my experiences as a nurse seeing people very ill and dying from illnesses we have been preventing with vaccines for decades.  COVID is very real and clearly poses a risk of death to everyone who contracts it, making this vaccine a crucial piece on the road back to “normal”!