UPDATED: March 27, 2020

With the growing concern over Coronavirus, we want to reassure our customers that our products have been tested in a 3rd party lab and been found to be effective against Human Coronavirus. These lab reports can be seen here. See EPA approval document here.

Many of you have questioned why our laboratory testing is from July 2019. As part of our labeling update programs, we routinely re-test and update our labels with pathogens. In July 2019, one of the pathogens we tested for was Human Coronavirus, hence the testing date for that group of viruses.

Please remember the importance of using products correctly with respect to concentration and contact time. As the leaders in infection control for the professional beauty industry, we take all infectious risks seriously. The current concern throughout the U.S. regarding viral illness has made everyone more vigilant about their personal safety and the safety of others in the salon (employees/consumers) in the salon setting. That said, the advice we give every day is still the best advice out there and should be an everyday practice. Our advice to all of our customers would be as follows:


  1. Practice proper infection control. Cleaning & disinfection, as directed by the boards of every state. These rules require proper disinfection of every non-porous implement prior to use. In addition, consideration of disinfection of common use surfaces such as back bars, reception areas, computers and phones should be considered.
  2. Remember contact time. The most important step of the disinfection process is to allow the chemical time to work! Read all disinfectant labels to know the correct time frame. For BARBICIDE® concentrate, that contact time is 10 minutes and for BARBICIDE® Wipes the contact time is 2 minutes.
  3. Hand hygiene. Wash hands with soap and water for 30 seconds prior to every client, after eating, smoking or using the restroom. Where allowed by state law/rules, hand sanitizer is acceptable, except after eating, smoking or using the restroom.
  4. Keep your hands to yourself! Handshaking needs to be replaced with other methods of introduction. While handshaking is seen as a polite gesture, during cold and flu season it is a superhighway for viruses to move quickly in groups.
  5. Finally, keep your immune system healthy so it is prepared if you are exposed to anything! Get plenty of sleep, water, good nutrition and most of all, stop smoking!