After being the subject of so many interviews, Leslie Roste, RN, BSN, BARBICIDE®’s Director of Education turned the tables and launched this fun and informative series to investigate some of the less ordinary aspects of the industry. We reached out to people and companies that uniquely impact the professional beauty industry and asked the questions that we all want to know.

The BARBICIDE ® weekly interview series covers different disciplines as well as regulatory and educational professionals. Leslie opens the floor to each guest to give them a chance to discuss the effect the COVID-19 pandemic has had on their profession and how they are finding ways to move forward. The wide variety of guests, interesting topics and short format make these a must listen. Some of the topics included are:

  • Infection Control Best Practices for Industry Professionals
  • Domestic Violence Training within the Professional Beauty Industry
  • Protecting Your Mental Health When Returning to Work
  • The Role of State Boards of Cosmetology

The host, Leslie Roste, graduated from the University of Kansas, where she received degrees in Nursing and Microbiology. After leaving nursing, she began working in the professional beauty industry as a subject matter expert on infection control and public safety. She has written many articles and spoken to audiences large and small on infection control and chemical safety in the work environment and specializes in the salon and barber industry. Leslie has used her expertise and knowledge prior to and during the COVID-19 crisis to provide the industry with the guidance needed to open salons safely.

Find each interview posted to here and on the BARBICIDE® YouTube channel.

Have a topic you want covered? Send an email to contact@barbicide.com!