Zuka was founded by Joe Silva and Brad Weber. Zuka’s mission is to transform the hair cut experience by holding onto everything that makes a fresh haircut great while cutting the common annoyances.

Men and women with short hair all understand the thrill of a new style along with the frustrating itch caused by the hair particles that slipped past the cape causing irritation. We’ve all experienced a wet collar from water dripping down our neckline. Zuka is the result of these experiences and removes these hair cut headaches for clients of salons and barbershops.

Zuka was designed to maximize comfort, eliminate post appointment discomfort, and create a unique experience for clients to keep them coming back. It is a product that sets your salon or barbershop apart from the competition setting a new bar in client experience.

Made from the highest quality materials, Zuka is non allergenic and incredibly strong. They can be easily cleaned and disinfected, making them reusable thousands of times.

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