Penny Burns, Founder and CEO of Beauty Cast Network headquartered in Memphis, TN, has announced that they have acquired the assets of the Stylist Newspapers group from Holland Graphics in Portland, OR. She states that “between the Stylist and Beauty Cast our network will have a weekly distribution of over 100,000 in the beauty, barber and wellness industry. ”The monthly Stylist Newspapers have been published since 1984 in five markets; Pacific Northwest, California, Texas, Ohio and Florida. Publisher Lisa Kind commented, “My family has published these newspapers all of these years and we’re confident that Beauty Cast Network will be able to take them to another level.”

The publications include timely articles submitted by recognized beauty industry leaders as well as the latest regulatory updates provided by the individual State Board officials in each region and other industry experts. Both display and classified advertising options are also available and are unique to each region.

Jim Cox, Executive Producer with Beauty Cast Network stated, “It’s very rare for a publication to operate continuously for so many years. Lisa and her family should be very proud. Our plans include an expansion to 10 regions across the country.