Infection Control – Best Practices for Makeup Artists Licensed Cosmetologist, Kristin Kaide and BARBICIDE® have partnered to clear up common infection control misconceptions backed by science and medical professionals.

What is covered?

  • The distinction between cleaning & disinfection
  • Utilizing your professional makeup kit
  • How to pack
  • How to set up on location
  • How to use your kit while working to avoid cross contamination
  • Types of disinfectants when, where, why & how to use them

Presenter information: Kristin Kaide, Licensed Cosmetologist, Makeup Artist in the Chicago land area with experience in many different areas such as backstage at London and NY fashion week, bridal sets, commercial sets, photoshoots, fashion shows, salons and as an educator – Follow her work on Instagram @kristinkaide

(PDF Download) Barbicide Infection Control for Makeup Artists